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We have set ourselves the goal of making Crypto Art and Digital Fashion better known in the German-speaking world. In our opinion, the topic still receives far too little attention in our latitudes. Yet the decentralized network offers emerging artists and designers the best opportunities to make their creations known. Completely independent of art dealers, distributors or marketing companies.


The language barrier in innovations and technologies is a major problem. We ask for your understanding that TESLATEX is a German language project. From time to time, we also offer English-language articles on our blog. We are working hard to find a solution. TESLATEX is a non-commercial project, which is 100% financed by ourselves. So we are independent and free of advertising.


If you want to help us make TESLATEX more international or you are an artist, feel free to write us:




Please give us some short information in your mail, how you imagine our cooperation and what you expect from us.

We are non-commercial. That means, we don't advertise and we don't earn money with this site. Nevertheless, Teslatex has already achieved a reach in the German-speaking world that makes us proud - and shows that our concept hits the mark.

The blog and the project live from the commitment of its members. Nevertheless, we are happy to support you in making your art better known in the German-speaking world. Because art knows no borders.

How can digital artists get involved?
Digital fashion and NFT art are the next stage of creative evolution. We think there is still way too little underground and dark art on the decentralized web. If you feel like showing your art to the world and getting creative with us, we'd like to hear from you. Beginners are also welcome.

What is the purpose of the network and the blog?
In our blog we deal with everything that is subcultural and artistically valuable in our eyes. We deliberately don't want to narrow it down further, since our own perspectives are already so broad. The genres below are merely meant to provide a starting point.

Which themes and genres do you show?
The focus is on the following styles: goth, cyber and fetish (no harmful content). We like everything that is new, different and unique. Have a look at our blog or the work of our artists. You will find a lot of inspiration. Fantasy, scifi, post-apocalyptic - your work may also include such topics.

Who can join the network?
There are photographers, designers, models and many other artists in our ranks. No formal requirements for inclusion are required. Our artworks are selected based on our quality criteria. Bloggers and amateur writers (epic, drama, poetry, ...) are also welcome.

Stay informed

Teslatex is an independent art project from Germany. We're non-commercial!

Just good friends with a passion for fashion and cars.

Unfortunately, most of the content is (still) only available in German.

We are working on providing you with all content in the language of your choice as soon as possible.

For appealing photos and unique digital art you don't need words. So check back regularly and see what's new!

Each Object is unique

Photos, designs, outfits, products: What we do is unique.
The German Dark Fashion Blog.
The best scene artists from Germany present their creations.

Fashion - Design - Models

In our blog you will learn everything you need to know about Dark Art & Fashion.
We keep you up to date with the latest trends and styles of the scene.
And everything that has to do with related (digital) art.

Digital Fashion & Crypto Art (NFT)

The boundaries between the analog and digital worlds are becoming increasingly blurred. So why limit the art? Our photographers and designers are creatives committed to the unique high quality of their productions. Check out their work - all NFT certified, of course.
We're not just Goth - we're Crypto!

Photography "Dark Energy" by Peter Zell (Model: Luzy Lu)

there is no connection to the manufacturer of the shown car

teslatex is an independent art project from germany



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