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Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

Here you will find digital fashion, collectibles and even unique trading cards from our artists. The future is digital! So is black art. That's why you can find us on OpenSea to give your wallet a creative update.

Fashion meets NFT Crypto Art
With DigitalPony our designer Kathrin Engel shows her virtual creations. Unique, inspiring, real and with NFT certification. Under DigitalPony Kathrin not only deals with fashion. But she also wants to bring you even closer to the worlds she creates for each collection.

Check out what the decentralized web has in store for you:

Quick help for Crypto beginners:
Interested in NFT and Crypto - but have no idea what it's all about? Learn more about Crypto Art in our blog: What is NFT Art and what does it do (Article so far only in German)? Here you will learn what a Non-fungible Token (NFT) or Crypto Coin is, how you can create NFT art yourself and upload it to the Blockchain, how you can benefit from digital certification and what advantages are associated with NFT for artists.

We have set ourselves the goal of making Crypto Art and Digital Fashion better known in the German-speaking world. In our opinion, the topic still receives far too little attention in our latitudes. Yet the decentralized network offers emerging artists and designers the best opportunities to make their creations known. Completely independent of art dealers, distributors or marketing companies.


What the f*** are NFTs?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. They represent virtual, unique goods. This type of digital art can even be traded or resold. This makes them a great way to support the work of your favorite artists, for example. Art is timeless and connects generations. NFTs help us make the unique works of creative minds available to anyone, anywhere in the world. Like any art object, they can also represent a kind of investment. Our tokens are, of course, unique, digital and special. After all, only unique creations make it into our portfolio.

... and what is Digital Fashion supposed to be?
Our designer Kathrin Engel is a pioneer of digital fashion in the German underground. Learn more about her and her work in our article (only in German - sorry!). Nowadays, unique outfits are often created digitally on a PC before they go into production. What began as software-supported process optimization has grown into an art form in its own right. Not only can clothing be designed on the computer, but the virtual world comes with it. This results in creations that would not be physically possible. Digital fashion has thus created a new genre.

What does digital fashion have to do with sustainability?
The potential applications of digital fashion creations are wide-ranging. In professional fashion production, software has ensured that fewer resources are wasted. This means that there is no waste and a test piece that did not convince the production management does not end up in the trash. In the artistic field, many image ideas can only be implemented at great expense or not at all. Likewise, digital fashion can also be easily combined with model photography by adding to the outfit in post production.

We are keen to add underground art to the mystical world of Cryptos. NFTs are fully digital. That means you can't buy "real" garments from us through OpenSea. Rather, they are virtual certificates of authenticity. You are also an artist and have a question about this topic? Then send us your inquiry.

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